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Side Effects Of Essure Birth Control Are increasing The Lawsuits Number

Essure was launched few years in the market as a permanent form of birth control for females, which successfully managed to entice thousands of US women to use it.

It was considered as a perfect way out for women who were no longer interested to have more babies after their two or more children. On the other hand, they weren’t interested to endure a surgical procedure.

Without giving a second thought to Essure complications, lots of women in U.S underwent Essure procedure.

Essure complications

An overview On Essure

Essure is a hysteroscopy sterilization process, kind of tubal sterilization which does not require an incision.

Essure was invented to solve the purpose of permanent birth control. Essure is basically a soft metal spring-like device wound with synthetic fibers, which used to be implanted in the fallopian tubes of women.

The metal part of the device involves a stainless steel inner coil and an increasing nickel titanium external coil.

Allegations Put Up By The Sufferers

Women who are have suffered and continuing to suffer the side effects due to the implantation of Essure device has clearly mentioned while submitting proofs that the Essure device makers along with the doctors didn’t warn about the possible dangers and risks of using this device.

Though, there have been numerous cases of women suffering more dangerous side effects of Essure birth control that have been lethal and caused severe complications.

Here is the list of Essure Side Effects, which will help you in Understanding Essure Complications in a better way:


• Fatigue, rashes, hair loss, weight loss and even weight gain.
• Chronic pelvic pain
• Fetal Death
• Bleeding.
• Life-threatening ectopic pregnancy
• Migration of the device or a device component
• In fact, in certain cases, the device even got ‘disappeared in the body and was undetectable even through standard scanning).
• You can check out this link to find all the facts related to Essure complications online.
• Expulsion of the device
• Perforation or tear of pelvic organs, including uterus or colon
• Allergic reactions to the device.