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Banking Laws For Setting Up Financial Companies In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

If we talk about the financial services provided by the banking system of Dubai, it is considered the most reputable localized financial center of UAE. As Dubai is one of the most refined cities of UAE, it has a stable economic system and a progressed financial infrastructure.

Many foreign investors who decide every year to set up financial companies in Dubai need some legal services of a lawyer for company development, obtaining the specials permissions and licenses for their commercial activity, alliances, and benefits etc.

For this reason, The Dubai International Financial Centre and the legal counsel Dubai provides a group of provisions to foreign investors in order to open financial companies in UAE as it is the most important independent region in Dubai.

The Central Bank of the UAE has approved two proposals in order to establish how a foreign investor can set a financial company in UAE. These proposals include all the terms and requirements of the activities financial companies may run in Dubai.

It includes:

  • grant financial loans to Dubai companies;
  • grant private loans;
  • issue funds, securities, and certificates of deposit;
  • open credit lines and issue guarantee.

The minimum share capital an investor can utilize for setting up a financial company in Dubai is 35 million AED and 60% of the total proposed capital must be held by a contractor that has UAE citizenship.

You can contact banking lawyers in Dubai for obtaining more details about setting up an investment company or a financial enterprise in Dubai. All these legal pieces of advice provided by a law firm in Dubai offer its services to a small, medium or large business.

If you are interested in opening an investment company in UAE you must consult Dubai lawyer. You can also read latest news to know some important things about UAE for starting up a business in Dubai.