Legal Faceoff

Instead of waiting for a court date…

Paying for and filing endless legal documents and forms…

Get a fair ruling with an objective judge without leaving your house!

What is Legal FaceOff?

Fast and fair conflict resolution whatever you are. No fuss, no wait, no legal fees and no excessive travel. We make mediation easy and accessible to everyone!
Step One
Start a case by simply entering the award sought and details of your claim. You decide if you want the case to be private or public.
Step Two
Legal FaceOff contacts the other party. Together, you set a date  for the trial that is convenient for both of you.
Step Three
The trial takes place online, with you, the defendant and the judge joining 3-way video conference. The judge decides on the award during the session.


Why online meditation works?

Today, when you have a legal claim for a few thousand dollars or less, it almost always makes sense to just give up. The hassle, costs and time of hiring a lawyer and going through the legal system are such that most cases are not worth pursuing.
Online mediation changes the landscape. By taking away the need for a lawyer and avoiding the official legal system, pursuing a claim depends only on access to a web camera! Instead of a torturous journey to an actual trial date, Legal FaceOff provides a virtual courtroom, where a partial judge and both parties gather for a 3-way video conference on a time and date agreeable to all. No need to travel or even leave the house as the entire process, from claim submission to final award can take place in the comfort of your own home!
Legal FaceOff is the quickest and cheapest way to settle a conflict by providing quick access to an impartial judge and a swift and fair end to the claim.

Why Legal FaceOff works?

Legal FaceOff works because both sides want to avoid the hassle of hiring a lawyer and going through the court system. Both sides are willing to have an impartial third party listen to their story and look at their evidence and to reach a fair decision. Both sides agree that the relatively low award sought makes it simpler to avoid the court system and accept external mediation as it is cheaper and easier for both sides.

If both sides don’t agree to this, Legal FaceOff probably cannot help you. Unlike the court system, Legal FaceOff cannot force the defendant to take part in an online trial and to accept external mediation. Still, we urge both sides to consider the benefits of impartial mediation and the disadvantage of going through the court system.